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Welding Specialists

Wo Lee can provide a wide range of welding services.
- Large and small scale robotic welding
- Welding of high strength steel (Grade 690)
- Portable robotic welding services for construction sites.

BuildTech Centre Robotic Welding

Located in Ping Che, Fanling. Wo Lee BuildTech Center provides Automated Welding Robots that can weld all grades of steel, including 690 Steel and can produce stable and high-quality finished products.

The automatic welding robot arm can easily:
✓ weld stiffener plates on I-beams
✓ produce I-beams from plates
✓ weld any long span steel

Automated welding to increase efficiency & productivity.
Welding speed is increased and quality of welds is increased.
Testing requirments for robotic welding is the same as industry standard.

BuildTech Center includes:
✓ 24h CCTV
✓ Qualified Welders
✓ On-Site testing

Benefits of Offsite Robotic Welding

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