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Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Wo Lee actively engaged in volunteer works and industry activities. Awarded the Caring Company in Hong Kong, we committed to contribute to the community by improving the environment, safety and sustainability in the industry.

In recent years. Wo Lee Group has invested into using renewable solar energy. As of 2022, our company is able to generate almost 100% of electric consumption using our solar panels.

Recent Recognitions in CSR and Sustainablity

  • 5 Years Plus Caring Company
  • 2021 CLP Renewable Energy Grand Award

2020-Now Volunteer Work

  • Construction Industry Sports & Volunteering Programme- Construction Industry Happy Run and Carnival
  • Caring Company (Ongoing)
  • ACRA Caring Event (Open Door Ministries Limited)- Joyful Lunch 2019 for Elderly
  • ACRA Caring Event (Open Door Ministries Limited)- Happy Rice Delivery (Ongoing)


  • Poly U Shelter Donation
  • ACRA Caring Event (Open Door Ministries Limited)– Care Function Children Fun Day
  • ACRA Caring Event (Open Door Ministries Limited) – Happy Rice Delivery
  • Minor Work Caring Event - Guizhou Poverty Programme

Past Events and Awards:

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