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Modern Fabrication Services

Wo Lee is able to provide modern fabrication services withe the use of our expertise and wide range of fabrication machinery . Wo Lee is able to provide one-stop service in steel fabrication from simple bending and cutting, to modular steel fabrication and robotic welding needs. In addition to fabrication services, we are able to provide design work, shop drawings, testing and consultancy services.

Wo Lee is also able to provide full range fabrication services in off-site modular steel fabrication. Our expertise includes designing, fabricating, designing mock ups and installing steel frames for MIC, DFMA and offsite steel frames of all sizes.

As our large fabrication and logistics centre is strategically located in Hong Kong, we are able to provide many custom made solutions within Hong Kong for customer needs. We are also able to provide solutions to customers within the Greater Bay Area.

Below is a selection of fabrication machinery located in our Hong Kong fabrication and logistics centre.

Our fabrication machinery include:
- plasma, laser and flame cutters
- CNC drills
- Bending and cutting saws and machinary for plates, sheets and bars
- Robotic welders for flange, piles, and more

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