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Original Site of Yeung Yiu Kee, the Meeting Place of the ‘Four Great Outlaws

Dr Sun Yat-sen Historical Trail  is a sightseeing spot developed by Hong Kong Tourism Board. Tourists can experience the rich history and culture of the city. We are glad that Wo Lee Green Solution Ltd can participate in this meaningful project and contribute to this cultural spot.

This is spot no.6 of the Dr Sun Yat-sen Historical Trail. Dr Sun Yat-sen was studying medicine in Hong Kong, he often met with his close friends Yau Lit, Chan Siu-pak and Yeung Hok-ling at Yeung Yiu Kee, the shop owned by Yeung Hok-ling’s family, at 8 Gough Street, where they were able to talk freely about politics and the anti-Qing revolutionary cause. As their views violated the mainstream point of view at the time, they were called the ‘Four Great Outlaws’

• Year: 2018

• Client: Hong Kong Museum of History, Leisure and Cultural Services Department

• Our Customer: Kacey Wong Art HQ

• Supplied items: Hollow Sections / Fabrication and installation

The art of work consume 5 months from the design phase to Installation. The production process is totally different with general structural steel processing. Besides stricter requirement on craftsmanship,  the art of work should deliver the designers’ vision and mission precisely to the audience. Hence, we have spent lots of time to communicate with Mr. Kacey Wong to fulfil his requirement and the concept of the art of work. On the other hand, we have committed to complicate fabrication process include drilling, cutting, welding, spray painting, galvanizing and quality assurance.

We hereby express our gratitude to Mr. Kenneth Tse for the invitation to this meaningful project. Also, we are glad that we can contribute to this famous historical sight spot.